We, Brandon Hauser and Fabio Silva, are the founders of The Dog Haus. Our love and passion for animals has been and will always be our driving force for our facility. We praise ourselves on the kind of experience your pet is sure to have during their stay at our Haus. We have created a structured environment that is fun, safe and rewarding for your furry loved one. We aspire to help any and all dogs in need, which has led us to create our canine sanctuary program called, The Safe Haus. Through this program we will rescue, train and re-home our dogs to a forever home and if a dog is not adopted, that's okay too, because our Haus is their house; so non-adopted dogs get to enjoy a life spent here at The Dog Haus full of love and tons of other furry friends.

I, Brandon Hauser, am a Canine behaviorist. I have been rehabilitating dogs throughout the USA for over 10 years. I specialize in rehabilitating dogs with aggression and high anxiety problems. I have successfully rehabilitated hundreds of dogs throughout the years and I hope to help rehabilitate many more in the years to come.

The Dog Haus, is our dream come true. We have spent endless hours and many years chasing and grooming this dream into a reality and it's finally here. We have built a facility that will mentally stimulate every dog, helping create better mannerisms and healthy socializing skills, which will be in turn used at home with you and your dog. Think of it like, sending your dog to summer school or camp. It's a fun structured environment that allows pups to enjoy themselves while also obtaining worldly knowledge; well that's exactly what we offer here at The Dog Haus everyday!

We are the place to bring your dog while you're at work, on vacation or just running errands. When picking up your dog after their equally long and stimulating day, your evenings are calmer and more low key. As opposed to coming home to a dog who has been alone all day and is dying for nothing more than to have its owners attention and stimulation. We are not your normal doggy-daycare, we are the home away from home.

Special THANKS to everyone that was a part of this journey.

Construction Photos